LIT Conference 2023

The first Conference on 'Light Induced Transformations' (LIT) took place in the beautiful City of Regensburg at the Vielberth department of the University of Regensburg

As a part of our first funding period, the graduates of the CRC 325 hosted the first Conference on Light Induced Transformations (LIT) in Regensburg, Germany. One of our goals was to bring people with a passion for photocatalysis together. In total we were pleased to welcome 187 participants from all over the world! The ambition of the CRC 325 is a multidisciplinary approach to understand light induced transformations. Synthesis and design of photosensitizers and complexes is as important as quantum chemical calculations and the theory providing the necessary equations. Of course spectroscopy should not miss to investigate mechanisms. Our Conference combined all fields of chemistry represented by the choice of speakers. Furthermore, we wanted to provide PostDocs, tenure track professors and junior research group leaders a stage to present their research. 

The main program of the conference consisted of six plenary and eight keynote talks given by invited speakers. Additionally, short talks from both our CRC members and talented junior researchers were given. 

For social and networking purposes two poster sessions with snacks and drinks, a conference dinner and a power hour was part of the program. 

We want to thank all participants for their inspiring presentations and contributions and our sponsors HK Testsysteme, Merck, Ocean Insight, ams Osram and Wiley VHC for their generous support!

More information & pictures 

More pictures of the conference can be downloaded here_A and here_C

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