Graduate Speaker

  • M. Sc. Carina Allacher
  • Universität Regensburg
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  • A5

My name is Carina Allacher and I am doing my PhD thesis in time-resolved spectroscopy in the group of Prof. Dr. Patrick Nürnberger as part of project A5. In the CRC 325, we all try to understand and improve photoreactions. To this effort, I am contributing with laser spectroscopy, which enables us to detect the spectral signatures of intermediates with lifetimes that vary from milliseconds to well below 10-12 seconds. I enjoy the opportunities that are created by the CRC 325, to collaborate with other young scientists and to work on a multitude of interesting photoreactions. But I am always coming back to my main research interest: The photolytic cleavage of selenium bonds and the impact of the moelcular environment on the photocleavage.


I will be taking up my new position as Graduate Speaker in January 2024 and I am looking forward to organizing the upcoming events, like the seminar days and workshops. In this role, I am hoping to develop an even more diverse skillset with the support of the CRC 325.