Graduate Speaker

M. Sc. Carolin Nagel

Universität Regensburg

My name is Carolin Nagel and I am currently a PhD student in the group of Prof. Alexander Breder at the University of Regensburg. I am working in the field of photo-aerobic selenium-π-acid multicatalysis for alkene functionalization. Since July 2021, I am a member of the CRC 325 “Assembly Controlled Chemical Photocatalysis” and work on project B4. The CRC 325 gives me the opportunity to interact with other young scientists and academic experts in the field of photocatalysis to gain support and develop further skills for my research. In October 2022, I was elected as a Graduate Speaker for the new period – starting in January 2023. The role of a Graduate Speaker is to act as liaison between the graduate researchers (PhD and PDRAs) and the academic staff, to assist the CRC coordinator in organizing the upcoming seminar days, and to arrange workshops and the annual “Graduate Only Day”.